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Featured properties in Croatia

Rogoznica - House first row by the sea

001 2022 374 Rogoznica House first row to the sea for sale For Sale
€ 1.100.000

Croatian real estate for sale. House near Rogoznica....

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150m² Area 320m² Land 4 Rooms 10m From Sea First row to the sea

Zadar - Luxury villa in the first row to the sea

001 2022 372 near zadar luxury villa first row to the sea for sale For Sale
€ 2.150.000

Croatia real estate, near Zadar, Luxury villa in the first row to the sea, for sale...

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264m² Area 591m² Land 4 Rooms 10m From Sea First row to the sea

Split area - Newly built villa with pool and sea view

001 2022 370 near split villa with sea view for sale For Sale
€ 1.890.000

Croatia real estate, near Split, Newly built villa with pool and sea view, for sale...

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350m² Area 640m² Land 5 Rooms 300m From Sea

Trogir - Renovated house in the first row to the sea

001 2022 366 near trogir renovated seafront house for sale For Sale
€ 690.000

Croatian real estate, near Trogir, Renovated house in the first row to the sea, for sale...

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130m² Area 670m² Land 3 Rooms 10m From Sea First row to the sea

Kastela - Attractive project at the first row to the sea

001 2040 31 kastela two modern apartment buildings for sale For Sale
€ 740.000

Exceptional opportunity - project with building permits for construction two apartment buildings for total of...

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- Area 1424m² Land - Rooms 30m From Sea First row to the sea

Primosten - Exceptional villa with a pool

001 2022 367 primosten villa with panoramic sea view for sale For Sale
€ 990.000

Croatia real estate, near Primošten, exceptional villa with a pool, for sale...

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250m² Area 470m² Land 4 Rooms 1400m From Sea

Recently listed Croatian properties

Zadar - House with sea view

001 2037 56 Zadar house with a pool and a sea view for sale For Sale
€ 365.000

Croatian Real Estate, Zadar, House with sea view, for sale....

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82m² Area 255m² Land 2 Rooms 270 m From Sea

Zadar - Building land with sea view

001 2037 55 Zadar building land with a sea view for sale For Sale
€ 130.000

Croatian Real Estate, Zadar, Building land with sea view, for sale....

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- Area 857m² Land - Rooms 150 m From Sea

Vir - Semi-detached house with sea view

001 2037 54 Vir newly built house with a sea view for sale For Sale
€ 1.150.000

Croatian real estate, Vir island, Semi-detached house with sea view, for sale. ...

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148m² Area 268m² Land 4 Rooms 40 m From Sea

Brac - Newly built villa with swimming pool

01 2013 68 Brac villa first row for sale For Sale
€ 1.900.000

Croatia real estate, the island of Brač. Villa located in the first row to the sea with an infinity pool...

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314m² Area 1100m² Land 5 Rooms 10 m From Sea First row to the sea

Buy a real estate in Croatia

Broker real estate agency will help you buy a property at your most favorable and interesting location on Croatian Islands and Coast with ease. We have a large database of apartments, houses, villas and lands for sale in Dalmatia. Search our web for the latest offer of real estate for sale in Croatia.

Interested in buying a house on an Croatian island, apartment in a quiet Dalmatian town, commercial property in Dalmatia or land plot for a larger investment? Take a look at our offer of real estate for sale in Croatia.

Our job is not only to facilitate your contact with the property owner, but also to lead you throughout the whole process of buying, from the first time you visit our web site, till the signature of the contract of acquisition. This includes organized accommodation, rent-a-car and everything else you might require in order to make the purchase of a real estate in Croatia, swiftly and with ease.


Broker - Croatia real estate agency will help you buy a villa, house, apartment or land on Croatian coast and islands!


If currently you can't find an adequate Croatia property on our web site, feel free to contact us and our real estate agents will search for a property after your specific needs.

If purchased house, apartment or commercial property requires renovation, or if you are interested in investments in Croatia, we offer you our professional help in building, furnishing, and consulting (construction overseeing, blue print, translation, permits, cost management etc.). With Croatia becoming ever more popular as a Mediterranean holiday destination (especially Dalmatia), interest in purchasing property in Croatia, or real estate on the coast, Croatian islands, or in the country has also risen quite suddenly in the last year or so.

New Tuscany, Croatia offers the same high standards of old Tuscany - an authentic Mediterranean holiday, sun, sea, sand, and beautiful countryside, no plebian crowds, high-rise hotels or unpleasant fast-food chains...

The Croatian real estate market is fairly well developed. Croatian land and Croatian house prices are still very favourable, particularly on the Dalmatian islands where properties such as beautiful Croatia stone houses built in the traditional style. Also in the beautiful Croatia historic towns such as Dubrovnik, Hvar, Zadar or Korcula there are excellent real estate and property opportunities to acquire prime location real estate at reasonable prices. Foreign interest in buying property in Croatia, including the small islands, suddenly grew two years ago. Until then foreigners did not believe this was a market worth investing in property.

The Broker real estate will assist buyers of either holiday homes or investors or both to purchase property in Croatia for capital growth and holiday rental income. We offer a wide selection of new apartments and villas in the whole of Croatia, both recently build and also off plan. As well as this we have for sale older Croatian properties, including Dalmatian family homes, blocks of apartments and also traditionally built old stone buildings as affordable property for foreign real estate buyers.

Broker real estate are specialists in real estate and property in all areas of Croatia. We have a wide range of villas on Dalmatian islands, apartments in pictoresque old towns, houses near the crystal clear Adriatic, homes or any type of property or real estate for development in the major tourist and holiday home areas of Croatia, including Dubrovnik and Istria.

Search through our real estate database or contact us directly and specify yours wanted real estate in Croatia.



The most important thing to know when buying property in Croatia is where to start.
Broker real estate agency has become over the last decade one of the largest and most prominent agencies in Croatia, concentrating on foreigners buying in this beautiful country.
Covering a large area of the whole Dalmatia, mainland area from Rijeka to Dubrovnik, and all of the islands, we have made strategic partnerships with other prominent real estate agencies, thus offering the best insight in offer of properties on most of the Croatia territory.
After initial e-mail contact, and searching trough more than a few thousands properties you can find on one of our websites, we recommend a visit to Croatia, during which you will be shown properties of your choice, and have services that include:
- airport transfers from Split
- accommodation
- car hire
- market overview
- more than 3000 properties to view
- legal advice and assistance of two lawyers working within the agency, that are in cahrge of the entire purchase procedure
- help with negotiations
- range of after-sale support options - renovating, furnishing, property management, etc



Although you thought your dream came true once you purchased a ruin on a romantic Adriatic island, the reality bites when you begin renovating. Already finished houses may also be in need of some renovation, or just simple decorating. When hundreds of miles away from the house of your dreams, communicating with local builders and organising architects can, and in most cases will, be close to disaster.
We can help you with that too, even though most of the builders are extremly busy months in advance; upon request, we can help you in finding and arranging contractors.



It is always nice to have someone looking after your property while you're away, whether you're using it as a holiday home or rental property.
Our property management services include:
- annual maintenance contracts
- general maintenance
- cleaning services
- gardening services
- renting your property to tourists


BROKER, real estate agency team.


These are questions and answers on some frequently asked questions about real estate in Croatia, for any other questions feel free to contact us or come to our office and we will be glad to help you.

1. Can foreign nationals buy real estate in Croatia?

Foreign nationals belonging to EU Member States can purchase real estate in the same way as Croatian nationals. Foreign nationals belonging to non-EU countries can purchase real estate in Croatia with cumulatively fulfilled two conditions: reciprocity agreement with the Republic of Croatia and consent of the Ministry of Justice.

2. What is the real estate tax in the Republic of Croatia?

The Republic of Croatia has a unique real estate tax rate of 3%. The amount of tax is determined on the basis of the price from the contract of sale and the assessment of the competent tax administration. According to the law, the buyer pays tax on the received solution only once.

3. What is the tax on real estate swap?

The tax is also 3%, so each property owner pays 3% of the estimated value of the property for the new property when swapping.

4. In what time span real estate sales tax must be paid?

The tax liability arises at the time of the conclusion of the contract or other legal transaction that acquires the real estate. The notary is obliged to submit one copy of the document to the Tax Administration within 30 days from the signature on the sale documents. The taxpayer is obliged to pay the determined tax within 15 days from the delivery of the decision on determining the real estate sales tax.

5. What is a down payment and how much is it?

A down payment is an insurance that the buyer pays to the seller as a sign that the contract has been concluded and a certainty that the obligation will be fulfilled. In practice, the down payment is given on the Pre-contract and is usually 10% of the agreed purchase price. In case of fulfillment of the contract, the down payment is calculated in the total amount of the agreed purchase price.

6. Can the amount of real estate purchase be paid in foreign currency?

In principle, no. Every sale in the Republic of Croatia must be paid in EURO. If a foreign currency payment is made, the bank will convert it to EURO.

7. Is it possible to conclude and certify a contract of real estate sale abroad?

Yes, if it is a citizen of the Republic of Croatia then it is best to certify the contract with our diplomatic mission. If it is a foreign national then with the notarization of the purchase contract with a public notary, the Apostille of public document issued in that state is required.