Croatia, Split - Zenta, nightclub / catering

Ref. : 2015/128 - Commercial Space - For Rent
Selling price: 4.750 €
Living space: 300 Bathrooms: 4 Distance from sea: 10 m
Number of floors: 2
  • First row to the sea
  • Sea view
  • Parking

A very rare business opportunity of a catering type, more precisely, a nightclub, situated in a perfect position, invented for a nightclub, directly by the sea, in the city of Split.

This is a branded club that records excellent business results, with excellent development potential, which will be easy for people who are interested in this kind of investment. The whole building consists of two floors, with the possibility to receive 1000 people at any time, 500 on each floor. It is fully equipped and designed for all types of events, from concerts and parties, to private gatherings and organized major events. The space is currently designed in a way that all musical events are held on the upper floor, in accordance with the excellent technical conditions for the performance, while the lower floor is more suitable for organizing larger gatherings since it has a summer terrace and a perfect view of the sea.

As Split has recorded excellent tourist results in recent years, and with the additional development of the airport, which means a better connection with the rest of the world, and the potential as year-round tourist attraction, this club is exactly what the younger tourist population is looking for - a place for a night outing in the form of a well-organized club which can provide pleasant and fun moments while staying in Split.

We should not neglect the large number of the younger population of the city of Split or the entire Dalmatia that gravitate to this city, which is inexorably lacking in similar contents and which should be the main target group for the success of this entire business story. In addition to the nighttime space, the hidden additional potential lies in the fact of the possibility of raising the third floor which could be used, for example, a restaurant of a luxurious type that can expand offer throughout the day with the implementation of mentioned restaurant, and the potential of the restaurant can also be easily seen due to the perfect location, romantic view of the sea and the nautical harbor nearby, and a large parking lot in front of the building itself. Just to mention the large parking lot in front of the building is the holder of the success of the entire investment, since visitors can easily access the location and carelessly enjoy all day / night. Certainly, rare offer, needs to be considered, since it has many strengths and advantages that can be used to the best, to the satisfaction of all present and future users, as well as the future bearer of the financial structure, that is, the management of the club.

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Location description
Split (Croatian pronunciation: [splît]; Italian: Spalato, see Name section) is the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, centred on the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian. Spread over a central peninsula and its surroundings, Split's greater area includes the neighboring seaside towns as well. Click for more
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