Coastal Property For Sale In Croatia

Sep 15, 2021

Coastal Property For Sale In Croatia


Mia Gabela

Real Estate Coordinator

In the last couple of decades, Croatia gained popularity as a Mediterranean holiday destination, which at the same time made it attractive for foreign investors. The interest in properties for sale in Croatia has gone through the roof, and the real estate market here is very diverse. With our guide and tips, it is definitely a good period to invest in villas in Croatia and get a satisfying ROI.

The most popular locations for foreigners are Dubrovnik, Split, Primošten, Rogoznica, Trogir, Korčula, Island of Hvar and Island of Brač. The demand is strongest for seafront properties, in historical and cultural destinations with good infrastructure, urban planning and traffic connection with the rest of the county, and also close to the airport.

Recent data by the Global Property Guide shows that over 70.000 foreigners own property real estate in Croatia. Most of the real estate properties in Croatia were bought on the seashore, mainly in the region of Dalmatia. According to the same research, only 3% of foreigners choose to invest in the area around the capital city of Zagreb.

Although the prices of the properties located by the sea are higher, considering the tourism potential – buying a property in Croatia is considered to be a good investment for many foreign nationals.

Dubrovnik, also known as “The Pearl of the Adriatic”, is the most visited Dalmatian old town in Croatia. Dubrovnik was founded in the 13th century and developed under Venetian rule into an important seaport in the Mediterranean.

Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and the starting point for many island cruises. Split, one of the largest cruise and sea ports in Croatia, attracts countless visitors every year. The Old Town of Split is a sprawling maze of small cobblestone streets and restaurants.

The architecture of the old town is influenced mainly by the Venetian Renaissance. Although, outside the old town in the bay of Luka Korculanska (Kalac) you can also see some fine examples of architecture of the 1930s.

Once an island, Primošten has preserved the atmosphere and all the architectural features of a medieval Mediterranean fishing village. Naturally sheltered from the winds, surrounded by vineyards woven into a stone honeycomb, at the foot of the hills there is Kremik marina which is unique on the Adriatic.

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Mia Gabela
Mia Gabela

Real Estate Coordinator

Mia is a social and cheerful person who, with her ambition, fulfills her own goals in the shortest possible time. Mia is very organized and although she takes her job very seriously, she also approaches every new task with a positive attitude and a smile and does her best for her clients. She mostly deals with real estate in the Zadar area, so she is always "on the go". She also believes that with positive energy and attitude, anything is possible.

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