Private islands in the Republic of Croatia

Aug 16, 2022

Private islands in the Republic of Croatia


Josipa Kusić

Real Estate Coordinator

Croatia, which many people fondly like to call the country with a thousand islands, is adorned by the heavenly blue sea and one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. If they started counting all the islands and islets, they would stop at the number 1244. In this endless pearl of the Adriatic, you can find a smaller number of private islands, some of which are even for sale.


How tempting does it sound to become the owner of an island and enjoy the unreal beauty of the Adriatic Sea, enchanting climate, rich culture and diverse gastronomic offer?

Of course, we also have to respect the maritime heritage, so that many islands are misled.

What does the sale and purchase of private islands actually look like?

If someone wants to sell their land on a certain island, and it is an uninhabited or sparsely populated island, they must offer the same purchase first to the Republic of Croatia, then to the county, municipality or city in turn. After checking the real estate, as well as information on whether it belongs to the protected property, the sale of the same real estate can begin.

But even a castle on a private island is not so easy. Construction may begin if the land is suitable for building and if it is foreseen in the spatial plan.

It is also interesting that if there is a building on the island built before 1968, the owner who bought the island can legally use it.

The Split-Dalmatia County is still trying hard and is of the opinion that our beautiful islands should be protected and placed under the maritime domain. In this way, they want to protect the land owners as well as our coastal area.

There are several private islands for sale on the market. It is not often that such a hidden treasure is found available for sale.

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Josipa Kusić
Josipa Kusić

Real Estate Coordinator

Josipa is an extremely communicative and sociable person who cares about clients and their needs in the first place. Guided by her own ambitions and organization, she is maximally dedicated to the work she does. Always smiling and happy, she approaches every new task and looks forward to new challenges. Its primary area of activity is the Dalmatian coast and islands, with its center in the city of Split.

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