3D Virtual walk - a new window into world of real estate

Virtual walks are a medium that is not used by many real estate agencies, but we believe that this is already present in the presentation of real estate and we offer it as part of our advertising. Of course, there are properties that are suitable for this type of practice, and of course these would be properties that are more beautifully furnished, certainly luxury real estate, holiday villas, hotels, tourist apartments, offices etc. The technological advances of today have led you to view the property in detail from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere, through your mobile device, computer or VR glasses. At the following link you can see one such real estate, in the old town of Split, where everything is crowded with tourist rent, as with the precise textual part, top photos with the addition of a 3D view, a complete presentation of the property is achieved:

Buying a property is an important decision for most people, and 3D virtual walks certainly help with the decision to buy a property. In addition to filtering buyers and selecting those who are really interested, it shortens visit time and gives buyers better insight into the property. As an interactive tool, they give the the potential buyer a sense of ownership.

The virtual walk enables three-dimensional computer movement in open or closed spaces and simulates the actual location with the help of video sequences or static images. What's interesting is that a virtual walk can add a floor plan and another graphic representation of the property.

When you have such a professional view of the property, it is very easy to decide whether or not the property is for you.

On the following link you can see a business object, more specifically a hostel, located in the exclusive part of the city of Split, Meje, with a 3D virtual walk and a short / concise video of the property.


Added: 15.01.2020.


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