Advice for real estate sellers in Croatia

When the object of sale is new construction or real estate up to 10 years of age, then the situation is likely to be clean and the buyer can clearly see what he is buying. Often information about the materials that are installed can be obtained, investors are known, and the standard is immediately higher as apartments are regularly secured with parking spaces, direct access to the apartment by elevator, etc.

Depending on the availability of such apartments, buyers are generally aware of how square prices are moving, and the sale is often quickly realized.


But how to sell an apartment that is older by construction, furniture and has been used for a long time? How to attract buyers of such apartments?

It is important to know that Buyers already have a vision of where they want to live and in what locations, but they will certainly not be attracted by the apartment located in the desired location, which is visually poorly represented.

A seller who has an interest in selling an apartment within some realistic time from the moment of advertising should pay attention to the following:

- Choose an adequate agency with years of experience to prevent unwanted 'walkers' and save time and money. Any serious agency can accompany the Seller in all steps to a successful sale.

- Prepare valid documentation for the property: title deed, usage permit, floor plan, energy certificate, possibly a power of attorney for representation.
The right real estate agent will instruct the seller in the lack of documentation to save time when the sale comes, and instill confidence and security for the buyer who is ready to make the first offer and enter into negotiations.

- Prepare the property for photography. This would mean completely cleaning the property so that no traces of dust or dirt are visible. Remove any items that are not visually appealing, such as old dressers, private photographs, unnecessary items in the kitchen or on the table, remove old curtains and replace them with new, airy ones that will light the apartment.

- If you are selling an apartment in which you live and do not have a secured another place to live, keep in mind that the buyer who wants to buy your apartment does not want to wait for months to move in or start renovating. It is important that you have a plan B at the time you decide to sell the apartment, whether you are looking for an apartment to buy at the same time or are ready to rent the apartment until you find a new, adequate property. When the purchase goes with cash, then the sale can be realized quickly, but when it goes through a bank loan then it takes a certain period of one to two/ three months for the loan to be approved and to sign the contract.

- Finally, real estate will sell as quickly as you are willing to negotiate and set a realistic price, because the market dictates the price. If you set too high a price, the market will react in such a way that you will not have quality inquiries and such real estate will stand for a certain period. It is important not to procrastinate and contact your agent to make a change and reduce the price. With this move you are opening up to all potential Buyers who bypassed your property in the past because of the price, and maybe all other components were acceptable to them.

Added: 15.12.2019.


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