Buying A Home In Croatia? How Tech Could Help You Out

The housing market in Croatia is on the rise at the moment – which means good news for buyers and sellers in Dalmatia and beyond. With Croatia Week reporting that prices are rising by over 2% a year, it’s clear that this is a great investment destination. If you’re on the buying side of this equation, it’s likely that technology is going to help you achieve your aims in one way or another. From the way laser scanners can save time to the rise of the humble listings website, technology is set to transform the buying process whether you’re in bustling coastal towns like Split or in the country’s more rural regions. This article will look at exactly how this could happen.

Buying A Home In Croatia

Listings websites

There are many different ways the Internet is altering property purchasing and fueling Croatia’s property boom. But perhaps the most obvious is the explosive rise in listings websites which aggregate properties for sale and allow potential buyers to look inside, work out floor space, consider floorplans and much more. These sites mean that unsuitable buyers often weed themselves out well before they can waste the seller’s time, while their all-encompassing nature means that properties often receive greater exposure. They’ve taken off in Croatia in particular: sites like, and list almost all of properties for sale in the region.

Scans and plans

When purchasing your new Croatian property, you may at some stage need to develop detailed plans. Say you want to take advantage of the average summer temperatures of 28°C or more here by building a swimming pool: in that case, you’ll need to know the size of the garden and identify any potential blockages or issues which could prevent you from doing so. The arrival of laser scanners means that this can be simple – and with some scanning devices able to capture more than 40,000 data points in every second, new buyers can get this task done with ease and without having to hire expensive professionals.

Mortgage advice

Anyone who has ever approached a bank or a lender in Croatia or elsewhere for a mortgage will know that it’s a complex process working out whether or not you’ll be eligible. But the arrival of automated advice means that mortgage brokers are not quite as necessary as they once were. You can now, for example, add your figures into an online calculator and get an instant estimate of how much you might be able to borrow in order to fund the purchase of your dream Croatian home.

Croatia has seen an a small increase in its fortunes in recent years – and as is common in economies which are on the rise, the property market is growing to reflect this change. And with the world of home purchase and sale technology also taking hold in Croatia changing this even further, it’s likely that things will become even more efficient and streamlined soon. With laser scanners, robo-advisers and listings websites all on hand, buying and selling is now likely to become easier than ever both for Croatians and for foreigners looking for a warmer destination.


Added: 16.11.2018.


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