Higher quality and cheaper apartments for rent on the market

Due to the challenging times that follow 2020, some positive changes have turned in favor of tenants in the city of Split and beyond. We can say that tenants find apartments for long-term rent much easier.


In the long term, is considered a period of 1 year with the possibility of extension to several years. Students also find it easier to find student apartments because the deadline for staying in such apartments has been moved to 1.7. or 15.7. when students complete exam deadlines. What is important is that part of the apartments has been transferred from tourist rent to long-term rent. The reason for this may be that the owners of such apartments are slightly tired of welcoming guests, and running the whole business during the summer, and also that they want safe tenants who will pay rent and utilities properly, and keep the apartment tidy. It is certainly a safer and simpler option, which probably brings lower earnings but greater security in the midst of an unpredictable short-term rental market.

What is certainly happening is that there are apartments in the advertising spaces that are nicely decorated, where landlords have begun to make sure that the apartment is still worth living, and accordingly invest in their real estate and interior design.

The apartments that come out of the tourist rental are mostly modern, completely renovated, and are located more in the areas of Split that are further from the city centre and the Palace, ie the family quarters of the city of Split.

Those apartments that are in the centre of the city of Split and the old parts like Radunica, Varos and Manus are mostly until the beginning of the season, sometime until the month of June when they will be rented out again during the summer.

It is concluded that the prices of long-term rental apartments have fallen to the expected 20% so that rental prices are approaching the standard and income of our people. So you can find a 1-bedroom furnished apartment for 300 -350 Euros, 2-bedroom 400-500 Euros, 3-bedroom 550-650 Euros. Outside these price ranges are luxury apartments in new buildings with a secured parking space, sea view, in sought-after locations such as Meja, Marjan, Znjan and Firule, which the owners appreciate much more.

Added: 15.08.2020.


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