How to rent an apartment in Croatia?

Many people from abroad decide to move to Croatia and change their walk of life. It can be numerous reasons for that and speaking from my experience, usually they are because of getting a new job, knowledge improvement through university education, retirement enjoyment or exploring new culture.


So, how to find a good apartment for rent and get familiar with all conditions?

First is to find a reliable agent to communicate with and that you will be comfortable with and know that he can find you what you are looking for.

There are few things you should always have in mind. Croatia is a country with a vivid tourism, thus many apartments are rented from beginning of May to end of September per day. So, after that period that so called 'tourist apartments' get available from beginning of October to month May/June. That is one type of rent, shorter leas. Than you have long term leas, that is usually one year minimum with possibility of extension to more years.

Few main conditions that need to be settled in the contract are: who enters the apartment, the Lessee, the monthly rent, the exact period of rent, how many deposits, what utilities you need to pay, cancellation period..etc.

Regarding the deposit, it can be one to more, depending on what the owner demands. Usually it used for: insurance for damages in the apartment, unpaid rent and bills or leaving the apartment earlier than agreed.

Regarding the utilities, they are usually payed in addition to a monthly rent. You get them by post on the name of the owner, you pay them regularly every month and you send a receipt to the owner that you have payed it. Basically you pay what you spend every month and from utilities you have: electricity, water, communal fee, garbage fee, tv and Internet. I often get questioned how much is that per month: I would say approx. 100 Eur to more, depending how many people are in household. Have in mind when you send an inquiry, that the agent always needs to call the owner to check if the apartment is still available and also apartments get rented sooner.


Added: 15.09.2019.


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