Living and studying in Croatia

Croatia has been recognized as not only a country that is good to live in but also to study. Along the Adriatic coast there are more than 36 education institutions and thus many foreign students decide to come to Croatia and spend a part of their education  here. When they make a decision where to continue there education they need to find a place to stay. Broker real estate agency is assisting many students and helping them to find an adequate apartment in Croatia. Usually we have students from Medicine, Economics, Law, Social Sciences etc. They all look for apartments near their university, but very important to know is that Split is a small town and everything is very accessible whether on foot or by bus.

Living and studying in Croatia

Split is a tourist city so apartments are difficult to find in the summer period during peak of tourist season, let's say from May to September. Apartments that rent for longer period (one year or more) are much easier to find. My advice would be to contact your real estate agent at least 2 months earlier so he has time to find you an apartment based on your wishes. Nevertheless, try to give your agent more information about your inquiry such as: for how many people, how many rooms, the faculty you study on, plan of your arrival and also the period of rent, possibly a budget span. This will save your time for sure and help your agent find you the best option.

For perspective students who do not speak Croatian there are courses on English language on higher education institutions, but in any case Croatia is a multi-lingual and welcoming country, so this fact makes it easier for foreigner to adjust to new environment.

Broker real estate agency does its best to find a new place to live for the future students, and those students often fall in love with Split and decide to buy a property here as a vacation home they can always come back to.
Have confidence that Broker real estate agency will be your reliable partner in finding you an ideal property!


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