Real estate and quality of life: The new perspective

The real estate market, right now at the beginning of June, that is, one month after we opened our offices after pandemic crisis, is really coming to life in the area of Dalmatia, including Dalmatian islands.

Right here, in Split and wider Split area, we are seeing a rapid adjustment of people to the new living situation and conditions that are becoming the new normal and have to be dealt with. Back a couple of weeks, compared to the same period last year, we have far more inquiries from foreign clients regarding attractive real estate near the sea, luxurious villas with large garden area, surrounded with greenery, often the first row to the sea or at least with a view of it. Accordingly, we expect an increase in the number of realizations.

We can say the market has clearly been very active lately; regardless of whether it is domestic owners who unfortunately, confronted with decrease in tourism profits and increase in expenses, decide to sell, or it is foreign or domestic buyers showing smart and longterm thinking and investing in great real state at the right time. The focus of the buyers has shifted to different real estate, to areas outside of crowded city center zones, apartments in tall skyscrapers and on higher floors to the ones on ground floors, potentially with yards, houses in further away, secluded areas, near beaches, parks etc.

This is consequential to the fact that people all over the world, after being forced to spend potentially whole months inside their homes, in lockdown, with not much to do and with strict measures and rules defining how much time they can spend outside and where, are beginning to grasp the importance and value of quality property and comfortable living space, whether they are moving to different housing or buying vacation homes. They are also prioritizing real estate as a form of investment at a time when stock prices are rising or falling, interest rates in banks are at historically lowest levels and a lot of owners are selling really interesting and good real estate at fairly lower prices.

To conclude, real estate is no longer perceived only and exclusively as a place to sleep, but as a place where quality time is spent and the time to invest in quality living is now.


Added: 15.05.2020.


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