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The island that can satisfy the most demanding traveller with its enchanting beauty, preserved Mediterranean nature, nautical tourism, rich cultural and historical heritage, delicious and quality cuisine, wine, active vacation and famous Hvar nightlife which drawn many famous people to this island. One interesting fact about this island is that it is place "with the most academics per capita in the world".

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This is an island you can explore for days and wish to stay for weeks and visit over and over again. From beautiful beaches and crystal sea, to interesting viewpoints, little small islands, from which the most famous is Pakleni islands, island Hvar has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a place to stay than, according to your wishes, you have many luxury hotels, with bars and pools, and than charming stone houses as an option that gives you more privacy.

Because Hvar gained a special position on the map of the world, there are many people wanting to invest in this paradise island. There are many options, from buying a land plot to build a hotel, villas, apartments or a smaller private investment in a house first row to the sea, which is the most attractive option, or evan an apartment a long Hvar coast in any of its small places. We can point out some of them: Jelsa, Vrbovska, Stari Grad, Pitve, Brusje, Milna, Hvar all of them with a rich history and a story to tell. Stari Grad was in a history the biggest place on the island and the a strong nautic force.

Sailing is with no doubt one of the unique ways you can enjoy this island vacation, while the true nautical paradise is waiting for you on the island of Hvar. Open your choices to explore the island and its 5 island harbours and 2 marinas. Find and explore this Unesco island, with the two most famous notability, that are: 'Starogradsko polje' and 'Procesija za Križen'.


Added: 15.05.2019.


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