The most luxurious dalmatian villas: this is how the jet set is resting on our coast

In Dalmatian villas are secretly staying sheiks, factory owners and well-known athletes. They try to escape from the camera and peace they are paying is very expensive. There was, apparently, a sheik from Jeddah, the second largest city of Saudi Arabia, staying in Meje and paying more than 2000 euros per day. How many are there that kind of villas in Dalmatia and what are the guests getting for that money.


Those villas are more and more, and their occupancy is extraordinary, even two years in advance. Accommodation ranges from 600 to 2000 euros per day, and we also have the most luxurious five-star hotels in Split-Dalmatia County, which cost about 4000 euros a day, because with a villa that has a pool, a garden and is near the sea, you get chefs, a maid, a security guard, a housekeeper, absolutely everything you wish for.

These villas are located 50 kilometers from Split and Hvar. To someone 40,000 euros in ten days can seem a lot, but just look at how much the mega yacht rental costs. Finnaly, in our county, wealthy people have begun to arrive, not all of them go to Dubrovnik. Such types of guests who have a higher budget range is very desirable, and they are tourists who are very polite, neat and respectful towards the country they come to.

- Their condition is absolute discretion, some even seek confidentiality contract. Wanted to be well-covered, they do not want any pumps. They stay in the villa, then the yachts come to get them and go to the islands, they rarely go to urban places, they simply come with family or friends and want peace.

- One of our typical villa has five rooms, each room has a toilet and a bathroom. The maximum number of guests is ten. The villa has a swimming pool, a small guest house, a fireplace, furnished with ecological certified furniture because celebrities do not want to sleep on "ordinary" furniture. They say cheap furniture at high temperatures evaporates and these vapors are toxic and carcinogenic. Also, they do not want food from shopping centers but insist on domestic products.

The distance of the villa from the sea is exactly 70 meters. Guests take it in leas for seven to ten days, all for a price of 3000 to 4500 euros a day. Also, we ask for a deposit of EUR 4,000 from our guests because it happens that we have young, wealthy foreigners who would have done great damage. The deposit returns after the guests leave, and after checking that everything is in order. So for ten days the minimum price is about 44 thousand euros. But that's the minimum price.

Guests want to have a driver, ask for a personal chef, have flowers changed every day, transfer from airport or ferry port to villa and back, organized excursions or fishing. If they have pets, it increases the price.


Added: 15.07.2019.


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