Planning to Buy Luxury and Privacy on a Croatian Island

The luxury property is hard to get even today. Fortunately, the new projects in Croatia offer buyers excellent value for money and a refined and luxurious living experience.
Croatia is a wonderful amalgamation of many different cultures including the Mediterranean and Slavic cultures. The Baroque, Romanesque, Contemporary and other architectures are hence widespread and the country is home to some of the finest homes and villas that are very attractive and stunningly impressive. Hence Croatia home for sales has never been short of buyers. Some of the finest villas, bungalows and other residential architectures can be found in Trogir (Renaissance), Split (Roman) and Zagreb (sophisticated varieties). Dubrovnik or “The Pearl of Adriatic” has the most sophisticated city apartments and contemporary and luxurious villas that overlook the azure waters of the sea. Apart from the mainland, the country has around 1000 smaller islands and some of these have the finest and luxurious architectures and residential spaces. Hvar is one-of-a-kind beautiful and sensational spot that has prestigious and priceless properties, unmatchable eco-diversity, and natural scenery. Croatian Monte Carlo Opatija has the splendid and magnificent luxury villas and the place has always been frequented and housed by the upper class.


The hottest luxury project: Luxury villas in Croatia for sale

The island Brac Project is a new project under which a number of luxurious properties and plots are being carved out. The project is located on the Southern side of the island, which is also not inhabited as yet. The plot has been located in an area of a 105,000 square meters. Soon a number of Luxury villas in Croatia for sale would be found here.

The project has started and a large length of the dry and impressive stonewall has already been built. The three safe water tanks have been erected and around 150 scenic Olive trees are being planted in the different plot areas. 350 or even more trees would be accommodated in the vicinity. Each Villa boasts of living area of at least 500 square meters, along with the basement. Apart from the auxiliary building consisting of a Gazebo, an efficient rainwater collection and harvesting system is also put up.

The project offers fascinating amenities, extreme comfort, and stupendous look. A good and efficient Property Management firm can help you get what the best Croatia has to offer, at a nominal cost.


Added: 24.05.2018.


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