Real estate on Korcula island

Korcula is an island definitely worth of visiting and exploring. One of the most beautiful places to see is the town Korcula, that is surrounded by walls from 13 century and if you walk just a bit further through the streets you will get to the St. Peter cathedral which was built from a honey colored stone. We can not miss to mention two other places on Korcula.

First is Lumbarda, located only 6 km from Korcula town, considered to be founded from Greeks from island Vis. Today the place is known for the desert vine Grk made from grapes grown on sand and nice small beaches that are just a hidden peaceful places to enjoy.

The second one is Vela Luka, 45 km west from Korcula, the biggests place on the island surrounded by attractive bays and numerous islets.


If you are an owner of the house, first row to the sea in Lumbarda area, than you should feel privileged as it is very attractive place for foreigner buyers, waiting for the opportunity to buy a long desired 2nd home vacation property.

Korcula has a rich history and a long tradition, maybe the most interesting to mention would be two most famous Korcula's festivities. First one is ' Moreška' the dance with a sword that is performed every Thursday as a tourist event. Second one is 'Kumpanij' dedicated to st. Vicencija, that celebrates with music and dance.

In the 60s from the previous century it has started the development of a health tourism all due to finding the healing sludge that helps with prevention of many skin and rheumatic diseases. Although it is not the closest island, it has a connection from Split with a ferry or a fast boat, and on the other side from Orebic and peninsula Peljesac with a ferry.

An interesting thing is that Korcula has become an ideal destination for beginning of the married life as it offers one of the most beautiful scenography to organise a wedding. Also, as Dubrovnik lost the intimacy part beacuse of crowds, many couples decide to come to Korcula. Just this summer there are for than 50 weddings to be planed. If you are intrigued by beautiful island of Korcula and wish to buy a part of this paradise, check our offer for houses, apartments, villas and land plots on island Korcula.


Added: 15.06.2019.


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