The importance of the Peljesac bridge for real estate in area

Undoubtedly a major, geopolitical and strategic project of the southern part of the Republic of Croatia, in the form of the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, with which the entire territory of our beautiful Croatia will finally be fully connected, and which for many years has attracted the attention of the entire Croatian public, is finally getting visible contours.


Now that the works are in full swing and that after years of unsuccessful attempts to realize this demanding project, things will finally be successfully completed. Construction of the Peljesac Bridge began in 2018, and after more than a year of work, significant progress has been made, and it is very impressive. The planned completion of the bridge under contractual obligations should be by the end of 2023, and it is also envisaged that the access roads will be completed within a similar time period as the bridge.

The Peljesac Bridge is the most significant project funded by the European Union, and it costs 526 million euros. Peljesac Bridge is certainly a demanding project, that is, one of the most important infrastructure projects in the country. It represents a long-standing goal of connecting Dubrovnik and Peljesac with the rest of Croatia.

Also, the process of constructing bridges and access roads greatly facilitates the lives of citizens in the south of Croatia, as it enables them to navigate their own territory more easily and faster, bypassing the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina through Neum.

The construction of such a bridge will certainly affect the real estate sector, since nearby islands such as Mljet, Korcula and Lastovo, and the Peljesac Peninsula itself will gain in importance, as they will be more accessible. New shipping lines will also open, increase people's circulation and shorten travel time. All of this is important in order to trigger greater demand for real estate in the southern part of Croatia.

Properties that are already on the market but cannot be sold for certain reasons will open up to new buyers and will be easier to realize. Therefore, in a small percentage, the price of such real estate will also increase, old buildings will be rebuilt into new ones, all of which will have a positive effect on economic growth, employment and the revitalization of disadvantaged areas.


Added: 15.10.2019.


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