We Moved! Welcome to Our New Office

We are excited to announce some great news: our team has moved to a new office in downtown Split. Now that we are all settled in, we thought we’d give you a little tour and tell you a bit about our new space.

New main office
The new Broker real estate office is located in street Branimirova obala 1, in the Split center, and along the beautiful West coast, featuring a unique contemporary design with the abundance of natural light. We were lucky to cooperate with Aalto architectural studio, that has designed the office space with great care for productivity and comfort. We are excited about being more accessible to our customers and we love the lively business dynamics and atmosphere of collaboration and friendliness of the new office. Lots of great venues, the waterfront, and multiple restaurants in walking proximity seem like a great bonus as well.

Main office-00 Main office-01 Main office-02 Main office-03 Main office-04 Main office-05

“The new office was an important next step as we continue to grow and add new agents.”

While we were happy with our previous office location, there were a few motivating factors that prompted the move:

1. Location and Easy Access
Being a Split-based real estate agency we wanted to be a part of the progressive downtown community, while being in the proximity of our customers and partners, also easy accessible to anyone walking and visiting our beautiful town.
2. Space
As our team continued to grow, we needed a convenient place where we can have room to be more efficient both working with our customers and communicating within the team. Luckily, we have created co-working space which in addition to workstations, offers beautifully designed common areas, comfortable meeting space, and dedicated front-desk support. Now we have a private office with glass walls as our main workspace and we can also use conference room which is perfect for collaborations and building connections with our clients.
3. Networking
One the best things about working in Split is the amount of opportunities where you can meet like-minded people. Central location gives us more exposure to other local organizations and businesses, while we can build connections and develop professional relationships with our clients and partners.
4. Energy
The overall innovative and dynamic energy of the area keeps us always in the progressive state of mind making sure we are using modern development technologies, smart marketing solutions and offering the best services to our clients.

We hope you liked this small office tour! We would love to meet you in person and show you around.
Feel free to stop by and say hello!


Added: 01.05.2021.


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Zrinka Buljan is a graduate jurist who has perfectly found herself in the dynamics of the real estate market atmosphere. With an open and tolerant attitude to work she creates the opportunity to be an ambitious and clear girl with intelligent decisions and quick reactions, always offering a number of different solutions. Zrinka enjoys her daily activities and feels that a good job is a done job.