Buying a property in Croatia

Top tips for buyers of real estate in Croatia 

Many people are looking for Croatia property for sale. The expenses may vary depending on the citizenship of buyer, region where the real estate is, micro location is and the choice you are going to make when choosing the real estate agency.

Same is the case when selling a property. In Croatia, when selling a property it is best to have clean property title and documents. For many years, the real estate of Croatia is handled in the family and divided among descendants. Due to this today in Croatia real estate there are lots of legal owners who are spread throughout the world.


Here are some tips for buying a property in Croatia

Now foreign citizens from European Union can purchase real estate in Croatia same as Croatian citizens. Citizens of other countries, outside the EU, have to get prior consent from Ministry of Justice. The statement of consent is issued to those citizens whose country has a reciprocity agreement with Croatia .

1. Buy property as an individual only
As said if you need private ownership, you need Ministry of external affairs approval except for European citizens. The time period to get consent is 6 months maximum but during the waiting you can get possession and calmly use it.

2. Buy property as legal entity
Or you can establish own company in Croatia which is not that complicated, and many conditions are not applied. More than one founder is not a problem and the whole process will take 3 weeks only. To get the company as Ltd you as a beginner should make a minimum investment of 3000 euro that can be withdrawn back after establishment. Moreover, there are some expenses of 1000 euro like tax, notary fee and fees to start-up.

3. Preliminary phase
First step in the process of buying a property is to sign a pre-contract which is made by your agency or attorney and make down payment which is usually 10% of selling price. If you buy it as person, the documents need to be submitted to get approval of the ministry.

4. Final Contract
As determined in pre-contract by specific date you have to sign final contract and do total payment to the seller. Therefore, you become the owner of that property and entire possession is yours.

Here is some information needed to buy Croatia houses for sale:
- The Croatian unique ID number (OIB) that you got when you purchased that property or before
- The building or plot number that is mentioned in the sale contract
- The property should have all of these documents such as building permit, location information and usage permit. All these are official document that show your building is built legally and can be used for living.
- Energy certificate is obligatory when buying/selling a property
- Passport or ID card to clarify your identity